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Serenity Now
strives to bring Intuitive Readers of the highest caliber. We are very blessed and proud to have them here. 
Below is a quick profile of each of our current readers available – please see our Calendar for dates and times, then call us to ensure availability at your preferred time. Though walk-in appointments are sometimes available, it is recommended to call ahead Serenity Now:  727-787-5400




Vanessa Stuebe

  138 Vanessa has been doing intuitive counseling for over 30 years and has served thousands of clients, many of whom return frequently. As a fourth generation intuitive she originally learned to read ordinary playing cards from her mother and then later studied the Tarot in Paris, France with Dao Tiem, a well-known Vietnamese Spiritual teacher. She has a good sense of the issues and challenges that people are facing today. Vanessa provides a wide range of programs and services that include: intuitive sessions and counseling, Inspired Living coaching, classes, meditation and personal development CDs/MP3. The central core of her services is to inspire, uplift and empower people to have a happy, fulfilled and abundant life. During your sessions she will help you be aware of your positive potentials and explain how you can use them to change your life to a happier and more successful direction. Whether you come for an intuitive reading to find solutions for your everyday problems, or whether you come to classes that expand and enrich, Vanessa seeks to transfer uplifting and inspiring energy. She enjoys sharing the energy, experience and knowledge that flows through her and she empowers her clients to develop and draw on their own inner wisdom and creative energy. For more information you can visit Vanessa’s web-site:

Please call Serenity Now for availability and to schedule an appointment.

Marcella Zinner

Intuitive Counselor ~ Medical Intuitive ~ Regression Therapist ~ Spiritual Educator. | Marcella is known worldwide as a gifted spiritual counselor and medical intuitive, with studies at the Edgar Cayce Foundation, where she became an instructor, and where she holds the position of A.R.E. Panel Psychic.  Marcella shares her gifts with us on Mondays and Wednesdays. Please call Serenity Now for availability and to schedule an appointment. For More Information go to:

Tess Dalka

Utilizing a combination of Direct Angelic Channeling, Astrology, and Card Illumination Spread, Tess weaves concepts of “Infinite Potentiality” and “Angelic Parenting” into a personalized understanding for those who seek deeper Knowledge and Awareness of the Strength, Beauty, and Power that is available within each of Us:“Heaven is our Heart, our Earth, our Hearth and it is the timing that we can now become more aware and comfortable with the Magical, Miracles We Can Only Be.”

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**please contact Tess directly at 813-335-4868 to discuss first time appointments or to schedule appointments outside of the listed times**.

Dr. Debra M. Faiola

“Life-force” is a power found within each of us. We can be taught to improve our daily lives by learning how to access this power and utilize it. Many tools and philosophies within our universe can enable us to reach our full potential. Every individual has the ability to unlock their True Self and Purpose. “Happy and Healthy” can become more than just words.

My name is Dr. Debra M. Faiola. My degrees are in Eastern and Western Medicine, as well as being a Teacher and Social Scientist. My training and skills have taken me over forty years to assimilate. Let me share them with you. Through knowledge and compassion I offer you the ability to strengthen and balance “Your” Life-Force.

The force “The Source” has given each soul. How, Why, and When to incorporate certain tools and therapies necessary to evolve fully can be taught. The correct combination of therapies are like stepping stones on our path, a unique blueprint parsee. Correct guidance can allow one to flourish leading to a much more successful journey. Let me help you, guide you. My training and subtle God given gifts are offered.

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Note: Referenced Therapies can include: Traditional Chinese Medicine, Herbal Remedies, Asian Bodywork/Tui Na, Qi Gong, Tarot, Cupping, Body Scanning, Nutritional Qi Balancing, Muscle Testing, Auricular Therapies, Reflexology, Meditation, Acupressure/Acupuncture, JAPANESE REIKI, Yoga, Acutonics, Tai Chi, Five Elemental Therapy, Homeopathy, Essential Oils (doTerra), Feng Shui, Healing Touch…