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Brooke and John were directed to search the Tampa Bay area for the perfect site to launch a center. This center was to be used as a fun stop for “souls” on the path to enlightenment. Here’s how it developed in their words:

“It was about October of 2003 when I (John) got restless, and began to realize my career working with “soles” was over after having spent almost 30 years in every facet of the retail and wholesale shoe business. I quit my job, and though I knew a move from Key West was imminent, the “where” was open and we were to “seek”. So I purchased an airstream travel trailer and set out to visit with my siblings around the country, and actually visited with 8 of the 9 siblings on my 8500 mile journey. Meanwhile, I stopped at every metaphysical store I came across, and tried to “feel” if any of the areas I visited were right for a shop. I was told that a move to the west was in order… I was hoping Arizona, New Mexico, the Pleiades, somewhere exciting.

A couple of months later I was right back in Florida with the intuition that “west” meant more west in Florida, and Tampa Bay came into view. Soon I was spending time in the Tampa Bay area to find a site for launching a long time dream of having a center for nurturing “souls”. In the first week of the search no fewer than four sources said do not search in Tampa, go over to the other side of the Bay. So after an intense search in Pinellas County, and making offers on at least 3 retail sites, by the end of December 2003, we had zip, nada, no room at the inn, the entities leasing or owning the sites were either too busy or not interested.

In January 2004, we found out why the other places weren’t available. Having possibility minded realtors helped, because they found a site that wasn’t even available before the first of the year. In fact, we immediately started negotiating on the site and it never did hit the market! So we now have the perfect site in a beautiful upscale strip center in the lovely city of Palm Harbor!!

Brooke and I have been students and teachers in the metaphysical world for years, and though we were involved in other types of “careers”, we have always tried to keep the primary mission in mind: learning how to remove the obstacles to Love’s presence! So have fun with the site, please stop by the “center” when you can, at least for a hug and a bit of serenity, if nothing else!!!”


In 2017 we’ve had an opportunity to upgrade our space.