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THRIVING IN THE NEW ECONOMY presented by Jim Stuebe

September 15, 2018 @ 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Join a group of positive, like-minded people. Gain an uplifting prosperity perspective, awareness and consciousness. Learn how to create a “Thriving Life” for 2018 and the rest of your life. Add better tools to your tool-kit.  In this two-hour class you will be introduced to a NEW paradigm for THRIVING in the New Economy. Much of the Program is based on two books: (1) THE DNA FIELD: The Law of Resonance and (2) MIND TO MATTER: The Astonishing Science of How Your Brain Creates Material Reality. Participants are urged to read the books before starting the class. The books are available at Serenity Now.


Clearly, we are living in turbulent and challenging times. Dynamic shifts are occurring: (1) In almost every area of life. (2) They are bigger and there are more of them. (2) They are coming faster. (3) They are far reaching in scope. (4) Their impact is more pervasive, and (5) Working harder isn’t working. Acting like nothing is happening or it doesn’t matter, doesn’t seem to work very well, does it? How can we shift from Surviving (Victimhood and Reacting) to THRIVING (Consciously Creating Our Experiences, Future and Life?)


In this Introductory Class you will: (1) Identify your beliefs and model for creating your life and reality? (2) Get in touch with your “Inner Know-It-All.” (3) Identify the Mindset that is blocking you from Thriving? (4) Learn an expanded model, for creating a life of THRIVING? (5) Discover that the majority of what we believe and what we have been taught about creating our life and reality and how the world really works is incorrect? (6) Learn and apply what ancient wisdom, religious teachings, new thought spiritual principles and quantum sciences all agree on for creating the life and reality you desire and deserve: A Life of Thriving?

FEE: Class $30, In advance. At door $35. (Space is very limited, call to reserve.)

Future On-Line weekly classes are planned and offered.


The DNA Field and the Law of Resonance

By Pierre Franckh

“Creating Reality Through Conscious Thought.”

This groundbreaking book shares information on the influence of DNA on photons and on the interaction between emotions and DNA. It explains how our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs, whether positive or negative build a field of resonance around us. Through the quantum field, our DNA is continuously communicating our unique vibrations to those around us and receiving their unique oscillations in return.

By focusing our intentions and removing negativity from our beliefs about ourselves, our past, and our future, we can use our DNA to communicate our thoughts and desires to the universe. Through focused thoughts and intentions, we draw the same resonant energy to us, thus bringing our intentions and desires into manifestation.

The book shares stories from thousands of people who have applied the Law of Resonance to: attracted a soulmate, heal themselves or loved ones, and build wealth.

It provides practical exercises to remove inner and outer negative influences that could be blocking our desires, build a positive visualization of your goals and increases the power of your field of resonance for quicker manifestation.

It shows how the Law of Resonance can be used as a power to manifest health, wealth and happiness.

♥ ♥ ♥

MIND TO MATTER: The Astonishing Science of How Your Brain Creates Material Reality.

By Dawson Church

What we think about we become and experience. With repetitive thoughts we are developing and transforming our brain’s connections, “our 150 trillion synapses.” By our beliefs and consciousness, we are creating our experiences and life. Science, advanced research and technology, quantum physics, and epigenetics are all confirming this. The more we know what we are doing and why, the easier the how gets. That’s why, that at-this-time in history, it is not enough to simply know – it’s a time to know how. Thus, it is not enough to know the information, it is vital to apply and share it, and what is happening in our brain, when we do. And as you live and share your beliefs and truths, you are creating additional linkages and synapses in your brain. We are learning that we can literally rewire our brains and in so doing creating our New Life, A Life of Thriving.



Jim discovered that his life purpose is to provide leadership and guidance to inspire and empower people to create and live a prosperous life. As a business consultant for over 25 years, Jim  has worked on three continents and over 12 countries. He consulted with companies like IBM, Jeep de Venezuela, P&G,  Kraft, Mary Kay, Tampa Sales and Marketing Assoc., and Citicorp to name a few.  He has obtained and applied extensive training in personal and business coaching, communications, referral marketing, strategic business development and planning.  This learning experience has been primarily focused on personal and self development and then learning methods and ways of coaching and mentoring others to fully actualize their potentials and live an abundant life. In addition to coaching and consulting with small business and professional he has taught a prosperity class face-to-face to over 150 people. He is now developing that class for online distant learning to reach out to more people. Jim and his wife Vanessa, who he calls his English butterfly, share these principles of prosperity and world view with those they meet. They have been happily married for over 30 years and live in Tarpon Springs. To learn more visit: Inspired Living Now


September 15, 2018
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
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