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THRIVING ACADEMY with James Stuebe

April 27 @ 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm



     Is the majority of your time, thought and  energy focused on surviving, struggling and working hard, just to get by?

How will I create and live My “THRIVING LIFE,” a life of:  Purpose, Contribution, Joy, Love, Peace, Harmony and True Prosperity?

How can I learn to rise above all the issues and challenges of normal daily life and express more of my full potentials, skills and qualities?   How can I live as the Creator and Master of My Life and Destiny?  How can I learn and apply the 5 Keys to a Life of  THRIVING?


  1. What is THRIVING for ME?  What is my personal definition of THRIVING?
  2. What are the 5 Keys to a Life of THRIVING? What Inspired Actions can I take to Learn and Apply the 5 KEYS for a Life of THRIVING?
  3. How does a “Friendly Universe” support and help me create a THRIVING LIFE?



♥   Gaining a New Perspective: Rise above daily situations, conditions, & circumstances.

♥   Being more resourceful by drawing on my innate qualities and Higher Self.

♥   Having greater confidence in myself and trusting that I can create and live a THRIVING LIFE; a life of my true desires that I am meant to live.

♥   Letting go of my inherited beliefs and family/cultural programming?  TOW TOransforming from “Unconscious Living.” to “Life by Design and Deliberate Creation.”




His education, living internationally and interacting with multiple cultures and people has given him a unique perspective and worldview. Because of this expanded perspective he has a commitment to lifelong learning and personal growth. He has complemented this worldview with thousands of hours of study and a major monetary investment in personal development programs, too numerous to mention. Jim and his wife, Vanessa, feel that they have been very blessed from their life experiences, what they have learned from their commitment to lifelong learning, and the small group teaching and individual coaching they have provided over many years. They have taught, coached and counseled thousands of people in areas related to what they call, Inspired Living – Now. (WWW.INSPIREDLIVING-NOW.COM.)        They have learned how we can move beyond unconscious living to a, “Life by Conscious Design.” They have guided, coached and counseled people in a variety of classes and programs, all focused on living from their; “Personal Internal Compass.”  This focuses on: Innate Intelligence, Purpose, Values, and Living from Higher Self (BIG I) rather than from the Ego (Little i). Intentions rather than circumstances and conditions, RULE. Given the dynamic times we are living in today, they feel an urgent calling to expand their services beyond personal, face-to-face sessions to be able to serve a much larger audience, utilizing new technologies and methods on a “24/7- Web Based Learning System.”



OUR PURPOSE: The THRIVING ACADEMY has a threefold purpose:  

  1. To educate students on the expanded understandings about how every person is creating their life and reality in a Spiritual and Quantum Universe.
  2. To identify and describe the major transformational shifts available to students to align their “Inner World,” with Universal Truths, and by so doing, create the life and experiences they desire and deserve.
  3. To expand awareness of everyone’s “Inner Wisdom, Qualities and Powers,” and show them how, when aligned with Universal Principles, it leads to being in the “FLOW of Life,” and a “Life of THRIVING.”  

Starting from where students are today, they learn how to take personal responsibility for creating their lives and reality.  They learn and then apply powerful tools, processes and transformational shifts in their beliefs and thinking and, can then take “Inspired Actions.” 

As a result, they live the life they Desire and Deserve:  Happy and Confident, with Less Worry and Stress, as Masters of their own Life and Destiny. This will then be their THRIVING Reality, regardless of what is happening in the economy and the outer world.


We call this: A THRIVING Life, lived From One’s Authentic Self,

rather than EGO Driven and in reaction to outer conditions.”


Workshop fee: $35.

**BONUS:  Attendees will be given complimentary access to an Academy package.**

Please call Serenity Now to reserve your space: (727) 787-5400.


April 27
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
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