JUNE 2020


Greetings from all of us here at Serenity Now.

I (Brooke) want to thank you all for reminding me of the things that matter most such as loyalty and trust.

I recently watched the season finale of the TV show Manifest. In this episode there was a mention of peacock as a symbol of resurrection. If you are not familiar with the series, it’s a sci-fi drama series, with mysteries as long as my arm. The show had me at the pilot when my favorite bible verse, Romans 8:28 “All things work for good”, was mentioned.

The very next day I saw a YouTube video on Britain’s Got Talent, where a lady who was auditioning talked about living on a farm, and the animals that lived with her family. She mentioned a peacock. One of the judges turned to the man sitting next to her and said; “He is my peacock”. Later I found out that the man’s name is Robbie Williams, and the lady is his wife.

It is not unusual for me not to know famous people because fame is not something that is important to me. I used to think Dr. Dre was a medical doctor, but I digress.

At this point Robbie had his feet on the judge’s desk. The gesture struck me as complete relaxation, feeling comfortable in his own skin, and nonchalance. I thought to myself: “I have never put my feet on a desk in my life”. I wished I could have more of his attitude of ease.

I wanted to know what kind of a life promoted such a feeling of safety. I googled him and found the song “Angels”. Frankly, I was surprised at the lyrics. They were spiritual. Basically the song is about loved ones passing on and now they are angels that are watching over us.

The very next day, one of our amazing customers came in who was usually accompanied by her husband. This time she was alone. One look into the puffy red eyes told me everything. He had passed on recently. I felt led to show her the video and it meant the world to her. It was just what she needed in her time of need.

After she left I thanked God for giving me the bread crumbs to follow for a message to her. As I thought about it further though, I felt the message was for all of us. Resurrection can only happen after death, and so many of us have either experienced death of a loved one, or metaphorically with a job, or even a way of life.

There are angels watching over us, and we will be victorious because there is a God.