Greetings from all of us here at Serenity Now.

I (Brooke) want to thank you for choosing us time and time again.

The other day a young man walked into the store looking for a book he had seen in the window the night before. I told him that the book had been purchased 10 minutes ago. He was in disbelief. He said, “Are you sure? I just saw it a few hours ago.” I promised him that I knew the book well.

He was disappointed, but extremely kind, and I said we could order the book for him. During our conversation we talked about some of the key points in the book which made it clear to both of us, that Serenity Now, our little book store, was perfect for him. He did mention that he knew he could order the book online, or go to another book store, but would not do that because he wanted to specifically support us. Before he left he purchased another book so he would have something to read in the meantime.

The very next day the book came in and I called him immediately. A couple of hours later he come in to pick up his order. Meanwhile, I was with another customer angel. She was picking some gifts for coworkers. I wanted to assist her in picking the perfect treasures. I asked her about her job and she told me a little bit. The young man walked up to us and said he has been in the exact same business and had given notice that very morning.

They both seemed delightfully surprised, and even knew some of the same people. We decided that the whole interaction had been a divine intervention.

The two of them needed to meet, and the Universe orchestrated every little detail for their benefit.

I heard someone say that if we only receive what we expect, how would we feel and experience the wonderfulness of the unexpected.

He had expected to purchase a book, and through events that none of us were personally responsible for, received so much more.