Greetings from all of us here at Serenity Now.

Happy New Year!

I feel this time of the year gets all of us thinking about what we want to see unfold in our lives. Of course the Universe in its infinite wisdom brought the perfect story to my door step. The date was January 10, 1901. The place was near Beaumont, Texas. Al and Curt Hamill were drilling for oil. A grueling job that paid very little. They had the highest technology available at the time, but at one point they hit a layer of sand. For the purpose of drilling they used water, but water was too thin to drill through sand. There did not seem to be any way to move forward (boy have I been there before).

They put their heads together and took stock of what they had. There was caked, cracked, and dried dirt as far as the eye could see. Of course they had water, and there were cattle grazing. They decided to have the cattle run through the dirt and the water, and made mud. They used that mud to drill through the sand. Wouldn’t you know it, they got to be the first to see a gushing geyser, like you would see at the Yellow Stone National Park, but it was crude oil instead of water shooting up into the air. The Beverly Hillbillies would have called it “Texas Tea” or “Black Gold”. More of it than anyone had ever imagined existed underneath their feet.

The investors were basically 40 million dollars richer almost overnight. Five hundred oil companies came into existence, including Texaco and Gulf. That day not only changed the life of the two brothers, but the United States and even the world as we know it. They chose to see a way, where didn’t seem to be a way.

I would like to ask all of us, if and when we are ready, to say “yes” to the Infinite that is here for us. We have what we need to experience what we want.


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