Greetings from all of us here at Serenity Now.

Happy Holidays!

I have a story I wanted to share with you. The year was 1994. A mother of two named Linda Katz was experiencing the empty nest syndrome. Her whole life had been dedicated to raising these little ones, and now they were not so little. They had left the house, and she didn’t know what to do with herself. She knew the computer and the internet were new technology, but part of her thought maybe they were fads like so many other things.

One day she was looking out the window waiting for inspiration when she noticed her property was overrun with tumbleweed. (She lived in Garden City, Kansas.) She thought wouldn’t it be fun or funny if she went on the internet and advertised tumbleweed for sale. She put an ad out there, and as expected she heard nothing for days. One day, (which seemed like forever) she saw she had an order from a mom who was doing a western themed birthday party for her little boy. Linda shipped the order and placed an invoice. A few days later she received a check plus a thank you note that the tumbleweed had been a hit at the party. A few days later she got a message from a Hollywood studio shooting a western placing a large order. One year she actually made $40,000. As far as I know this went on for many years.

When I heard this story, it demonstrated to me the fact that much of the time I am waiting for the miracle or the blessing in the future. Over and over again though, God’s goodness has demonstrated otherwise. Moses had a stick (today we call it a wand or a staff) when he parted the red sea. David had a slingshot and five stones that he defeated Goliath. Samson, of all things, had a donkey’s bone that he defeated the Philistine army of a 1,000 men. The little boy had two fish and three loaves of bread that fed the multitude.

I just felt like this was a message of hope, and this is what the holidays are all about for me. All of us have a heart’s desire that we would love to see manifest; something where we don’t see a way, but He has the way. The thing about miracles is that they do happen.

To read a little bit more about Linda and her business, you can read this article: