OCTOBER Newsletter 2019

Greetings from all of us here at Serenity Now.

I (Brooke) want to thank you for sharing this amazing adventure with us.

The other day I stumbled upon one of my favorite kind of stories; inspirational and true.

A few years back there was this retired couple who wanted to move close to their daughter in Colorado. They had their house up for sale and were clearing out the basement (with much resistance), and found a couple of paintings that had been gifted to them by the husband’s mom twenty-one years ago. The wife had thrown a sheet over them for protection. This part of the story makes me giggle. What kind of protection does a sheet provide for all the extreme temperatures, humidity, insects, etc., that could ravage the painting? But, I digress.

Now they had to decide what to do with these darn things. Their first response was to take them to the dumpster. Then they decided maybe Salvation Army. The husband was driving to his destination when he had the random thought of maybe taking them to the appraiser that was on the way.

The art appraiser did not recognize the signatures, but said that he felt something when he looked at one of the paintings. They googled one of the signatures and found out that it was by an artist named Victor Higgins, who was well known for his particular style. That afternoon the appraiser got a call from a collector who offered $300,000 for the painting sight unseen.

I found this part of the story very interesting. I have been taught that the value of something is what someone is willing to pay for it, but now I saw that we are free to say yes or no to someone else’s value or bid. The appraiser refused the offer. He did not settle and in the end, the painting was purchased by an art lover who is cherishing it, for a whopping sum of $650,000.

I think for me what I tend to devalue the most is myself. I feel there is a propensity to judge myself and feel that I don’t have enough, or am not enough to match the circumstances. So the story had significance beyond the price of a painting.