NOVEMBER 2019 Newsletter

Greetings from all of us here at Serenity Now.

I (Brooke) always find myself extra aware of gratitude and thanksgiving in November. The holiday remind me of how much I get to appreciate about my life. One of the things that colored my vision with gratefulness, was that early in my childhood I found the Bible verse Romans 8:28: “All things work together for good”. Truly it was one of the greatest blessings of my life, because no matter what challenges I was facing, I knew that ultimately I was going to be OK. That is priceless.

I have looked for the evidence of this verse working in my life, and also other people’s lives. I could probably write a book on just this topic, however today I wanted to share one of the more unusual stories.

The date was October 9th, 1992. The place was Parkersburg, Virginia. A high school football game was being played with the usual fan-fare. The smell of fresh cut grass was in the air. All of a sudden the spectators witnessed a green glowing orb falling from the sky. Now there was a sense of pandemonium and panic replacing the earlier fun and games. The orb was witnessed across several states, from Pennsylvania to Georgia.  On the same night, in Peekskill, NY, 18 year old Michelle Knapp was watching TV. Her new car that she had just purchased was sitting in the driveway. She hears a crash and goes outside to investigate. To her horror, she discovers that her car has been basically demolished. The police are called to the site and discover that the car has been hit , believe it or not, by a meteor. The very same green orb that was witnessed across the different states. I can’t imagine the range of emotions she must have felt. I might have thought I was having a nightmare and would wake up at any moment. Basically the meteor could have hit anywhere in the Universe. The scientists determined that the meteor had travelled billions of miles before hitting her car.

Now, here is where it all worked out for good. The police determined that the meteor belonged to her since it was found on her property. She sold parts of it for an astronomical (pun intended) price. Due to this one single incident, she went places and met people she would have not otherwise met. You could say her life took a trajectory (I just can’t help myself) that was beyond her wildest dreams.

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