April Newsletter 2019

Greetings from all of us here at Serenity Now.

Happy Easter! This is my favorite holiday (Holy Day)! Its personal meaning to me is that whatever limits I think are binding me can be overcome. Frankly, it’s the ultimate comeback story of all time.

Last month I had shared one of my favorite true stories about an American athlete who won the Olympics after being presumed dead; Betty Robinson. There is so much greatness in her story that I didn’t get to share it all in the last email. In one interview a reporter asked her if she loved competition, and if that’s what motivated her, she said “No”. What she loved to do and fuels her fire, was if someone told her she could not do something; then she would do whatever it took to prove them wrong. For example; when the particular doctor that had done extensive surgery on her leg told her she would never walk again, she set out with a goal of saying “No” to his limiting beliefs. She not only walked, but began running again. It made me realize the power packed in the word “No”. After all a comeback is saying “No” to a setback. Resurrection is saying “No” to death.

I consider April as a time of special celebration because it is the store’s anniversary month. It is the start of our 16th year in business. I want to thank you all for partnering and supporting us. I also would be amiss if I said that my experience of these years has been all peach cobbler, rose petals, rainbows, and puppies. Some of the horrors we have had to say “No” to are too numerous to mention. It certainly has been a case of practicing what we preach. Sometimes I feel I face a war within myself, because I always want these messages to be inspirational, but I so want to be authentic. Maybe part of what I need to do is to be real, and let those facing difficulties know that they are not alone. By grace we have continued to say “No” to the obstacles. To me, grace is God’s Love washing away anything unlike itself. So now I know we are not alone in the midst of the problem, and certainly not alone in its resolution.