Greetings from all of us here at Serenity Now.

I (Brooke) want to thank you for your continued loyalty.

As I was looking at the blank page in front of me and wondering if inspiration is a word in a foreign language, I got an inkling of the light of an idea peeking through the darkness of writer’s block. I remembered that this month we have a holiday dedicated to love. How awesome is that! I also remembered that I had DVR’ed a movie in 2017 because of one sentence that I found amazing. The movie is called, A Joyous Christmas, and the actor who plays a motivational speaker says to the audience: “I have some homework for you. When you go home tonight I would like for you to take a look in the mirror, really look at the person looking back at you. This is the most important person in your universe, and you need to take care of that person first.”

I think this sentence goes against my conditioning. So much of my upbringing was focused on people-pleasing, and what the neighbors thought, and making sure no one was offended. I think the first time I heard an idea that argued against what I had grown up with, is the notion that in case of an airline emergency, to put the oxygen mask on their own face first; even if we are sitting next to a child. This was the introduction to the thought of “if I don’t have it, I can’t give it.”

Joyce Meyer, in the speech she gave in Hampton, Virginia said: “You got to learn to love yourself. Most people don’t even like themselves, let alone love themselves. Why don’t you embrace all of you today, because everywhere you go there you are.”

I think one of the secrets of having loving relationships (I am not talking about romantic ones only) is this idea of wanting to be with another for the simple joy of being with them, instead of having them fill a void in me. Happy Valentine’s Day! Hey, here is an idea; why don’t we start a new trend this year and have each of us get a gift for ourselves. The store is filled with amazing unique things. Can’t wait to see you.