DECEMBER Newsletter 2018

Greetings from all of us here at Serenity Now.

I (Brooke) want to wish all of you happy Holidays.

I think this next few weeks represent a time of magic and miracles for most of us.

I wanted to share a true miracle story with you. During the Civil War, one of the most horrific of conditions was experienced in the prison of war camps. Access to water in these camps was almost impossible. In one camp in Georgia, the sources of water were cooking grease, dirt, and human waste. A group of men prayed for water and as you would guess, a spring appeared right near where they were camped. Scientists have tried to explain the event and one theory is that lightning hit a pre-existing reservoir and that’s how the spring appeared.

I love scientists and I love their search for the truth. I feel like the truth is what I have been searching for my whole life. My explanation is that when we ask the Creator of the Universe for something, we are saying “yes” to the infinite, and that is how many miracles happen. I don’t think the two explanations, (mine and the scientists’), are mutually exclusive. By the way, the spring is there to this day. It is called Providence Spring and it can even be visited. I did look up the meaning of the word “providence”. It means: “God or nature as providing protective or spiritual care”. I got chills when I read it.

For days I couldn’t get the miracle out of my mind. At one time I thought “if they could have asked for anything, couldn’t they have asked for freedom or for the end of the war?” I mulled it over for days. I mean, I would go to sleep thinking about it, and it was my first thought when I woke up in the morning. Here is the resolution to the question that brought me peace: is they could have asked for both the water and the freedom.

I think sometimes when we feel imprisoned by a conflict, situation or circumstances, to ask for the water (metaphorically) is so supernatural, that we can’t see anything beyond it. But those basic needs being met makes us feel safe enough to ask for more.

What I wish for all of us this Holiday season is to know that we cannot ask for too much. The Universe is for us. We get to lean into that support and watch our heart’s desires appear before our very eyes.