JUNE 2018 Newsletter

Greetings from all of us here at Serenity Now.

I (Brooke) want to thank you for your trust in us.

We have a precious customer that comes in all the time and we absolutely adore her. A couple of times as we were selecting the perfect tools for her to accentuate her fabulous life, she mentioned a friend. This person’s behavior seemed unkind, bossy, and at times borderline abusive. I remember saying to our customer: “What makes you torture yourself like this? There ain’t no such thing in all the Universe as a mandatory friendship”. She told me: “We have to be friends, because she is my reflection”. I asked her, “In what way?” She said: “Remember that painful divorce I went through, and the terror with the horrible illness, and that bankruptcy?”

I was speechless. I have known her for many years and have never ever defined her by these circumstances. My experience of her had always been the angelic presence that I felt when I got to be with her. At this point in the conversation I remembered an allegory that I may have seen in the movie A Beautiful Mind and/or the movie Tomorrowland. Basically it says:  “In every life there are two wolves. One represents violence, hatred, fear, lack… things that we do not want to experience. The other wolf stands for happiness, love… the things we want to fill our lives with. The point of the story is that we have a choice about which one of these wolves we feed, because that is the animal that grows.

I felt like she had identified herself with her wounds. I am not saying that some of these wounds did not seem as deep as the Grand Canyon. I wanted to shout: “Can you not identify with the verse in the Bible that says, “You were created in the image of God”? (Genesis 1:27)  How about Jesus saying, “You can do the things that I have done and even greater” (John 14:12). Why couldn’t she see her reflection in the most breathtaking sunset or a waterfall she had seen? The Universe has already created her as the ultimate. I knew this conversation was a gift for me and I thought to share it with you. Our identity is our most valuable possession. (I don’t mean what it says on our driver’s license.) It is all together unalterable because it was established by God. However, I get the choice on how I experience it.