MARCH 2018 Newsletter

Greetings from all of us here at Serenity Now.

I Brooke want to thank you for being warriors for truth with us.

Sometimes I find myself thinking about life and its mysteries. If I were Einstein it would be called “thought experiments”, but since I am not, it’s just called sitting around and thinking.

One of the revelations I received during one of these times was the importance of being in the present moment. I wondered, “How does one do such a thing? Is it like the Nike commercial-Just do it?” After much contemplation I was given a picture. It was a bell; classically shaped like you would see on top of a church steeple. If the inside part hits one side there is a clanging sound. When it hits the other side the noise continues back and forth. I think this has been how the inside of my head has felt. One side being focused on the past, what I could have said or done differently that might have made a difference. The other side is the fear or worry about the future and what could possibly go wrong.

I figured out that one way to stop the noise is to let the inside part of the bell be still. So for a while now I have had a “practice” that has worked for me. I choose a “truth thought” for the day and when I notice the noise I bring my attention to this truth. Sometimes I think of it as T&T (not violent but maybe just as powerful). For me it actually quiets all the “nursing, cursing and rehearsing” (as Tim Storey, the author of Utmost Living puts it).

The other day my truth thought was: “His care for me is infinite” from A Course in Miracles. One of the fun things I have noticed about this practice is that usually something wonderful happens around the idea, or unfolds unexpectedly. As usual, on this particular day the Universe did not disappoint. I actually found the movie “The Man Who Knew Infinity” It is a true story about a brilliant Indian mathematician Ramanujan. He was born on December 22nd 1887 and was obsessed with numbers. He spent much of his childhood at the temple writing formulas.

Years after his passing, one of his notebooks was discovered that dealt with modular functions, which can lead to time travel, limitless free energy, and antigravity. He found solutions to mathematical problems considered to be unsolvable. I feel his life could truly be called miraculous. Also I love the fact that he gave credit to the Divine for his knowledge.

I kind of feel like by placing my attention on the truth, not only was I able to be in the present moment, but also since it involved the idea of infinity, I was able to let more of it in.

If any of you are interested, I’ll be happy to share my truth thought for the day. Please just call or stop by the store.