September 2015 Newsletter

Greetings from all of us here at Serenity Now.
I (Brooke) am filled with gratitude with how many miracles touch our lives through your support. The subject of MIRACLES was on my mind when I started to write this email, and I was reminded of a story that happened a few months ago.
More than likely, most of you know our angel, staff member Julie, who has been with us for many years. Oftentimes on her days off, she will drive to Expos, shows or events, so that she can find new vendors and products that will be available for purchase in the store. Sometimes the drive takes several hours, and she will call me and we will brainstorm ideas or thoughts, on how to make the event most beneficial.
During one of these occasions, Julie said, “The car in front of me has a Chippendales insignia,” giggling a little bit. I immediately thought how fun it would be to get a group of us girls together and go see the show. Right after that I knew that I really didn’t have enough information to plan a get together. So I started asking Julie rapid fire questions, such as where and when. As I was waiting for her response, I was mentally making a list of what details I had to take care of. It occurred to me that some of the ladies were married, or in committed relationships. Is there such a thing as etiquette or protocol for a situation like this?
I was certainly out of practice in this scenario. The last, and only time I has seen a show like this, I was in college and all of us girls were single. I also thought about the fact that I needed to go to the bank, and get some cash. Darn it. It was Sunday and the banks were closed.
In the middle of my thinking, I noticed that Julie’s precious giggle had turned into downright laughter. I didn’t think I had said anything funny. Maybe she was surprised by my extreme level of enthusiasm? When she was finally able to speak, she said: “Its Chip and Dale of the chipmunks, the cartoon! Not the Chippendale Dancers!”
Now we were both laughing. In the middle of appreciating the hilarity of how our minds work so differently, I had this “Ahaa” moment, about the fact that “A Course in Miracles” defines the word “miracle’ as “a shift in perception.” This funny situation was such a clear and blatant example of how I see something, says more about me, than about the something.
Seriously, this situation demonstrated to me that, at any time in my life, I can look for the “gift” in a situation, have a shift in perception, and see the miracles.