Intuitive Readers

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Serenity Now
strives to bring Intuitive Readers of the highest caliber. We are very blessed and proud to have them here.

Below is a quick profile of each of our current readers available – please see our Calendar for dates and times, then call us to ensure availability at your preferred time. Though walk-in appointments are sometimes available, it is recommended to call ahead Serenity Now: 727-787-5400

Vanessa Stuebe

  138 Vanessa has been doing intuitive counseling for over 30 years and has served thousands of clients, many of whom return frequently. As a fourth generation intuitive she originally learned to read ordinary playing cards from her mother and then later studied the Tarot in Paris, France with Dao Tiem, a well-known Oriental astrologer. She has a good sense of the issues and challenges that people are facing today. Vanessa provides a wide range of programs and services that include: intuitive sessions and counseling, Inspired Living coaching, classes, meditation and personal development CDs/MP3. The central core of her services is to inspire, uplift and empower people to have a happy, fulfilled and abundant life. During your sessions she will help you be aware of your positive potentials and explain how you can use them to change your life to a happier and more successful direction. Whether you come for an intuitive reading to find solutions for your everyday problems, or whether you come to classes that expand and enrich, Vanessa seeks to transfer uplifting and inspiring energy. She enjoys sharing the energy, experience and knowledge that flows through her and she empowers her clients to develop and draw on their own inner wisdom and creative energy. For more information you can visit Vanessas web-site:

Amy Howard

Amy Howard lives in sunny Florida and is a Licensed Spiritual Healer and Coach. She purchased her SCIO Bio-feedback system through The Quantum Alliance and began her Bio-feedback business in 2006 at Serenity Now in Palm Harbor, Florida.  Amy has a sales and marketing background and has attended Unity Church of Clearwater for over 15 years. Some of her SCIO specialties include: spiritual growth, removing blocks to prosperity and abundance, finding your life purpose, healing emotional trauma, conquering addiction, balancing hormones, and re-training the body to deal with stress. SCIO can also address and deal with ADD, ADHD, AUTISM, parasites, allergies, pain, and many other physical issues in an alternative holistic non-invasive way. Amy believes that one of the truly remarkable features of SCIO is that is can get to the root source cause of the issue or disease and can be used to balance it at a cellular level , thus eradicating it from the persons field. Amy has received additional training in the emotional and spiritual arenas and believes in working on the whole person, body, mind, emotions and spiritual bodies. She has incorporated the works of Wayne Dyer, Caroline Myss, and Doreen Virtue into her protocols to facilitate spiritual growth and change for her clients.

Tess Dalka

Tess Dalka utilizes “everything but the kitchen sink” to assist her clients to see more clearly and experience the strengths and opportunities they always possess.  Some of her favorite tools are Astrological Charts, Tarot Cards, Pendulums and most importantly, Channeling Your Highest Loving Light Guides Love and Support! **please contact Tess directly at 813-335-4868 to discuss first time appointments or to schedule appointments outside of the listed times**.

Marcella Zinner

Intuitive Counselor ~ Medical Intuitive ~ Regression Therapist ~ Spiritual Educator. | Marcella is known worldwide as a gifted spiritual counselor and medical intuitive, with studies at the Edgar Cayce Foundation, where she became an instructor. Marcella shares her gifts with us on the 1st Wednesday of each month and most Mondays. For More Information got to: Please call Serenity Now for availability and to schedule an appointment.