DECEMBER Newsletter 2017

Greetings from all of us here at Serenity Now.

I Brooke, want to thank you for sharing this season of joy with us.

With the holidays around the corner, I was pondering on what to gift the people that I loved. Then I remembered that as late as a few days ago, I had talked with so many who are still dealing with the aftermath of hurricane Irma and its financial ramifications. My heart wanted to do something for every single person. I knew I could make a donation to the relief funds already set up. Believe me, having been the recipient of financial donations to the store in the years past, I know the moving power of donations made in love. However, in this instance my heart was searching for something I could do for each and every person. At that moment I remembered four prayers that I have said from A Course in Miracles, where I literally have seen the healing power of God or Higher Power manifest.

I reached for my book, and before I could open it to the right page, I actually had a strong feeling rise in me that I couldn’t do it. One voice said, break through the barrier and do it anyway. Thank goodness I have learned to observe my thoughts and feelings. I realized; “Wow, there must be a programming in my mind that says: I must force the good into my life.” I was thankful to the Universe for the awareness and the clarity. I centered myself enough to realize that if the answer that came to mind is not resonating, then there must be something better. I now know this is how the Universe works, so at this time I was hypersensitive to its appearance.

As I went on about my day, I was getting a shirt out of my closet when I noticed a very ordinary looking box on the floor. I knew the box had been there for longer than I could remember. I leaned down to explore and saw several pieces of paper sticking out. I took one. This is what is said: “Programming your subconscious for prosperity”. The page gave instructions and affirmations on opening the mind to receive the Universe’s infinite resources. This is the first affirmation: “I live confidently each day, knowing that the source of my prosperity is God working through me and directing me now.” Wow! Having loved words since I can remember, I decided to replace the word prosperity with others. For example, knowing that gratitude is one of the number one keys to opening the doors to financial success, I substituted the word gratefulness. Now the affirmations said: “I live confidently each day, knowing that the source of my gratefulness is God working through me and directing me now.” I realized that I could send these words, as prayers to anyone who was open to embracing it (we are never allowed to override someone’s free will). The next day, when I sat down for my quiet time, it felt so right to say the affirmations in conjunction with the four prayers out of A Course in Miracles. I knew my resistance yesterday had been the Universe’s way of getting my attention; that there was some added gift coming my way. Sometimes I wish God spoke in Charlton Heston’s voice, but He doesn’t, or at least he never has to me. I experience His Voice more like little nudges, feelings, thoughts and inner knowings.

Before I went to work the next day, I wrote on my “to do list”: “Make copies for those who might be interested.” Right then I felt the nudge again. Wait a minute! There were some other pages in there. I did not walk but ran to the closet half expecting the box to have disappeared like magic, but thank goodness it was still there, all unassuming. It was filled with copies; I kid you not. The Universe with its infinite resources not only had provided me with a way to do a prosperity treatment for everyone that I loved, but also the means, that if they wanted to have their very own copy, it was provided. I did not have to make it happen. It was done for me. Please feel free to come in and pick up a copy at your convenience.

For those of you who are wanting to participate in a more traditional holiday gift giving, we have filled the store with meaningful and exquisite items that may just be perfect for that special someone.