OCTOBER Newsletter 2017

Greetings from all of us here at Serenity Now.

I (Brooke) thank you for being our family of choice.

As soon as I was old enough to ponder the mysteries of life, I started doing it. You might even say I hit the ground running. My first explanation for the conditions of our lives was that planet Earth was an insane asylum. This was not based on scientific research, but two factors that I took pretty seriously. The first was that I watched the news and the second was that I had spent thanksgiving with my family.

Years later, I came upon the hypothesis that planet Earth was a school. I know my sigh of relief was audible. It made so much sense and I didn’t have to wear a straitjacket. As the years went on, I was hoping to find another alternative. First of all, I was never one to enjoy school. Even as a kid, I dreaded going to class. There were many days that I faked being sick to get a “get out of jail free card.” I think one time I might have told my mom that I thought I had come down with a case of prostate cancer ( which are words I had heard on T.V. and obviously had no clue what it meant) It’s a wonder my mother didn’t sell me to the gypsies. She is truly a saint.

Recently, I saw an episode of StarTrek (Original Series Season 1 Ep. 15, 1966) that gave me this new alternative explanation for our lives here. The episode was called ‘Shore Leave.” It depicted the crew wanting a much needed R.& R. They seemed to have found the perfect planet. The conditions were very close to earth except there were no life forms but plants and vegetation. Dr. McCoy, who was one of the first to beam down, was admiring the idyllic conditions and told someone that it reminded him of Alice in Wonderland. Within a few seconds a very large rabbit appeared who seemed upset that he was late for an important date, and right behind him a little blonde girl came out of the trees looking for the rabbit. The Dr. got on the communicator immediately to report his findings, but got dismissed. Other crew members were having their own version of Shore Leave. Someone was fascinated with guns and one appeared out of nowhere. Another person was telling a story about tigers and all of a sudden they were being chased by one. At this point all heck had broken loose and it was pandemonium. So now they are all just trying not to get shot or mauled. The horrible events kept happening. Finally, a being appeared to the crew to say: “I must apologize for what is happening here. This planet is our race’s amusement park. It is designed in a way that whatever you think about comes to pass, so that way your experience is individualized.” The team, realizing that now their thoughts were creative, started having a ball. The Dr. who had earlier died was brought back to life. Now he had a blonde and a brunette under each arm.

There is a section in A Course in Miracles that reminds me a little of this episode. Lesson 16 says: “There is no more self-contradicting concept than that of ‘idle thoughts.’ What gives rise to the perception of a whole world can’t hardly be called idle.”

Here is hoping that you find this concept as amusing (no pun intended) as I did. I have had fun watching my thoughts manifest like magic.

Talking about magic, we had an opportunity to move to a whole new location, just next door, to where we had been for fourteen years. We were gifted a chance at rebirth and renewal and grabbed it. Please come in. Your energy will be such a blessing.