Newsletter MAY 2017

Greetings from all of us here at Serenity Now.

I (Brooke) want to thank you for your words of encouragement along our journey.

Talking about words, recently I had been thinking about two of the most important words in the English language: “Yes” and “No”.

Having grown up in the South, I came by the “disease-to-please” honestly. Not that I think this disease is limited by geography. Later on in life, I learned that “No” is a perfectly valid answer, and it is a complete sentence.  I’d rather someone say “No” authentically, than say “Yes” out of obligation, which leads to resentment.

Knowing that the Universe and its mysteries are reflected in our day to day lives, I thought about prayer, and how sometimes the answer seems to be a big fat “No!” How does that work? Why wouldn’t the Universe, with all its infinite resources, give us what we are asking for?

I was led to watch an interview with a young, talented artist named Lindsay Stirling. She is a You-Tube sensation, and has had more than one billion hits. Yes, the “B” word. She was discussing what was responsible for her great success. She shared that some years ago, she had been on the program America’s Got Talent. The judges flat out turned her down. At the time she was devastated. She had put everything in this one basket. How could this be? Eight months later, she met a cinematographer named Davin Graham, who introduced himself as a professional You-Tuber. Lindsay said she wasn’t sure what that meant. The time of their meeting was in 2010 and You-Tube was not as we know it today. They started working together, and since then she has sold out concerts. In 2015, Forbes Magazine listed Lindsay among the world’s highest paid You- Tube stars, having earned $6 million in one year. She is a faith based person and feels that if she had won America’s Got Talent, she would be somewhere very different. She feels very grateful for the best possible scenario working out.

This is when I think the “No’s” we receive from the Universe makes sense. We are simply being directed to another path better suited for us.

Just the other day, I heard that the Aurora Borealis is always there, but it can only be seen under certain conditions, like weather and season. Just like the stars are invisible in daylight, but are always there.

I think this is how our loving God, or Higher Power, whatever we want to call it, works. The best outcome is being orchestrated and we are gently being led to those circumstances. How beautiful to know that whether the answer is “Yes” or “No,” the Universe is reconfiguring to identify our fulfillment.