Newsletter APRIL 2017

Greetings from all of us here at Serenity Now.

This month is the beginning of our 14th year in business. I (Brooke) am so deeply grateful to all of you. Without your support this adventure would have been impossible.

From time to time, I think about some of the ingredients that have gone into the secret sauce (for the lack of a better word) that allows a vortex of energy we call Serenity Now. I believe one of these ingredients is that the staff are hypersensitive to signs and symbols. Let me explain. First of all, the study of signs and symbols is called semiotics. Who knew? It’s an obscure thing I heard many months ago and just happen to remember. We all know the meaning of some signs and symbols. For example, in college, when I came home and found a tie on the door knob, I knew that my roommate was busy and I had to find some place to go for a little while, or maybe the rest of the night. Some signs and symbols are not so easily recognized, and have to be deciphered.

One of the reasons that I am so fascinated by signs and symbols is because of a story told by one of my favorite spiritual teachers. He said that this world we live in is like a dream, and sometimes may be described as a nightmare. The best way to end a tiger attack, or whatever form the fear is taking, is to wake up. Something outside the dream has to wake us. Of course the clock can do that, but also, a beloved spouse shaking us on the shoulder, or the promise of breakfast in bed would be another way to go.

The signs and symbols I am talking about are the equivalent of the clock or our spouse. Let me share an example. The other day I was working by myself, and a dear customer walked in that I haven’t seen in a little while. I was so delighted to see her. She told me that her hubby’s birthday was coming up and he was an avid golfer and very spiritual. Could I help her by finding a golf related item? As the two of us were looking for the perfect gift, another customer named Kelly walked in, and she was looking for a few items for a memorial that she was holding for her beloved grandmother. She took out her phone to show me items she already had and the theme she wanted to honor. Right there, on her phone, was a picture of an adorable angel with a set of golf clubs over her shoulder. I may have screamed when I said: “Where did you get that?” That got the attention of our first guest, and she came and looked at the picture and now it was her turn to scream: “Where did you get that?” Kelly couldn’t figure out why we were screaming and sputtering. It was a “who is on first” moment for a little while ’til I explained. The two beautiful ladies continued to talk, and learned they had so much in common, including the recent loss of a loved one. The Universe, God or a higher power, was giving them the strength to turn the grief into a celebration of life. By the time I was ringing up their purchases, so many coincidences had unfolded. There were blessings and goodness uncovered, layer upon layer, almost like a seven layer cake.

The angel with the golf clubs was the sign and symbol that woke us up a little bit. Being aware of instances like this has been a beacon of light that we have kept our eyes on. Knowing that we are not personally responsible for making them happen, we can glean the gift with gratitude. Paul Valéry, the French poet and philosopher said: “The best ways to make your dreams come true, is to wake up.” If I had a glass in my hand, I would make a toast to all of us “waking up,” so our dreams can come true.