November Newsletter 2016

Greetings from all of us here at Serenity Now.

I (Brooke) want to thank you for honoring us as a small business.

I wanted to write about a couple of things today. One of them is Gratitude, and the other is Inspiration. One of the things that I allow myself to enjoy, is seeing if I can be grateful for something that I have taken for granted. Sometimes it’s a very generic thing. For example, the other day I passed a dumpster, and it occurred to me what a beautiful gift it is that there is a designated place for garbage, and people that are willing and able to do a job that is certainly physically taxing, and somewhat aromatic.

One of our angels who has been part of our family for a long time, Victoria, told me the other day that she thought of gratitude as her superpower. How awesome for her. So when I was looking for something new to be grateful for, I thought about the word inspiration. First I looked up the meaning. Webster’s dictionary defines “inspire” as “to guide or affect by divine influence” Wow! Who knew?

Then I looked up some people who claim to be inspired. Brahms said that his music came from something beyond himself. He was the one who wrote it down, but had to give credit to this “Something.”

Puccini said that his great opera Madam Butterfly was from God. He wrote it down, but it came directly from the Divine Source.

According to a program on the History Channel, J.R.R. Tolkien, who wrote The Lord of the Rings, had been fascinated by myths and legends, and by 1928 had sketched out the framework of his mythology. He didn’t expect it to be seen beyond his close circle of friends, but then a spark of inspiration hit, that would transform him from a 36 year old college professor, into the modern master of myth. The famous story is that Tolkien was grading exams; a student had left a page blank and Tolkien wrote on it: “In a hole in the ground there lived a Hobbit…” From this one sentence a whole new world would open up.

So I am thinking that maybe inspiration is kind of like gravity. It is available to all of us, at all times, and maybe we can tap into a whole infinite Universe (whether we call it Divine or “something beyond” or God) to pour goodness into our lives.

I would love for you to join me, if you so choose, in embracing gratitude and inspiration, in whatever way fits your life, and watch the wonders and the magic unfold.